Rawhide is an animal skin (hide) that has been cleaned, soaked, stretched and dried, but not been tanned, so it is not (yet) transformed into leather. It is similar to parchment, translucent and much lighter in color than leather. It is supple and elastic while wet, but becomes hard when dried. It can be rendered more pliable by 'working', i.e. bending repeatedly in multiple directions, often by rubbing it over a post.

Rawhide is often used for objects such as whips, drumheads or lampshades, and more recently chew toys for dogs.

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Rawhide, The Journal of Fictional and Factual Corporal Punishment, is also a U.K. spanking magazine published by Daisy Publications Ltd. It focuses on M/F spanking content. So far, 8 issues have been published. The price is £ 10.00 (or $ 20.00) per issue.

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