(Redirected from RealSpankings Institute) is an American spanking video producer and pay site that was launched in 1997. It is owned by Alpine Entertainment Group (AEG, Inc.) based in Aspen, Colorado. In 2002, AEG won the Spreview poll for the "best spanking website". Most of their content is original material. They also have some authorized preview clips from other video producers such as Lupus and Nettles Corporation.

The site is not affiliated with the Netherlands video producer Real Life Spankings.

Membership among their various sub-sites varies from $20 to $23.95 per month.

Currently, the production company and studio where their videos are filmed operates under the name Spanking Models, a.k.a. (website).

HistoryEdit was founded in 1997 by Michael Masterson and his wife Miss J. Masterson (a.k.a. Lady D), who is the business owner. RealSpankings Institute, set in a strict reform school with uniformed schoolgirls, was created in 2001 as a separate entity with its own website. Other specialized subdivisions and subsites were created as the company expanded.

Style and contentEdit

The majority of their videos depict domestic and school scenarios with misbehaving daughters, schoolgirls, cheerleaders, and maids being punished by (usually) older authority figures. Emphasis is placed on traditional positions (over-the-knee, etc.) and implements (hairbrush, belt, strap, paddles, and cane). They offer a fairly even mix of M/F and F/F content.

Their contents is (as of 12/2006):

  • 3,769 Spanking video files
  • 37,024 Spanking pictures
  • 103 Spanking models

A Submissive Mind, featuring documentary-style interviews with actress Kailee, won the 2006 AVN Award for Best Specialty Release (Spanking).

Production and performersEdit

Videos were originally filmed and edited at the Spanking Models production facility, a 4000 square foot professional film studio located in Denver, Colorado. The interior of this old house with its exposed brick walls, ornate staircase, and loft-style bedrooms was used repeatedly for stories with an office, school, or home setting. A few early titles were also filmed in rented homes and at outdoor locations in remote, rural areas in Colorado. More recently, operations have expanded into a large office/warehouse building with many elaborate standing sets for school and domestic stories. A walk-through tour of this facility is included in an unscripted spanking video featuring Monica (video at Spankbang). has worked with more than 400 different models in the production of spanking photos and videos since 1997. Performers generally make about $350 an hour. A typical video shoot lasts about 90 minutes, with a model making around $500 during this time period. Amateur actresses are encouraged to contact the company through the Spanking Models website.

RealSpankings hires first-time amateurs and also maintains a small repertory company of in-house actresses and actors including Brandi, Jessica, Bailey, Natalie, Riley, Jennifer, Trish, and Lady D, who, with rare exceptions, work exclusively for the company's various website divisions. Elizabeth Burns, aka Ms. Burns (who is also a pro-domme) made dozens of videos as an authority figure spanker as well as many titles as a punished spankee with husband Mr. Daniels (photos, more photos). They left RealSpankings around 2007 to form the video company, The Spanking Couple (, which, as of 2018, is no longer active.

In addition, popular freelance fetish performers who appear in numerous videos include Kailee (not be be confused with Kaylee) Robinson and her sister Lily Robinson, Kiki Cali, Alex Reynolds, Adriana Evans, Danielle Hunt, Stevie Rose, Cara Day, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Niki Flynn (now retired), and Ten Amorette.

Family of websitesEdit

The success of their initial catalog of videos led to the establishment of spin-off websites for two of their most popular models, Brandi and Jessica. These are Spanking Teen Brandi (website) and Spanking Teen Jessica (website). The sites, which emphasize the youth of the two girls, offer punishment videos and photos of nude and bondage poses. Brandi often performs as a uniformed schoolgirl and Jessica frequently plays cheerleaders.

This was followed by another model-specific site, Spanking Bailey (website), with the model Bailey, and the sub-sites listed below. Together, these sites comprise what is now called The Real Spankings Network (RSN).

  • BiSpanking (website)
  • OTK-Spankings (website)
  • RealSpankings Films
  • RealSpankings Institute (videos set at a reform school, website)
  • RealSpankings Premium (website)
  • RealStrappings (featuring leather strap punishments, website)
  • Spanking-Videos (website)
  • Women-Spanking-Men (website)

Spanking videosEdit

  • Bailey Is Paddled for Her Sassy Mouth (Spanking Bailey), spanked by Kailee for backtalk, photos
  • Best of Brandi
  • Best of the Cane
  • Best of Jasmine
  • Brandi & Jessica Ditch School (Spanking Teen Brandi), Jessica, truancy scenario.
  • Brandi and Kailee Spanked (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi is Late for Gym (photos)
  • Brandi Is Spanked For Swearing (OTK-Spankings), cursing punishment, photos
  • Cindy Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), photos
  • Claire Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), photos
  • Claire's Dungeon Punishment (BiSpanking, 2005), Kailee, photos
  • Claire's Hard Paddling with Added Discipline (RealSpankings Institute), deportment, paddled while holding water cup, photos
  • Jackie Paddled in the Dorm Room (RealSpankings Institute, 2007), photos
  • Jennifer is Sent Up for Smoking and Drinking (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), alcohol, smoking, photos
  • Jessica Breaks the Class Rules (Spanking Teen Jessica), photos
  • Jessica Breaks Curfew (Spanking Teen Jessica), curfew story, photos
  • Jessica's Cheerleader Punishments
  • Julia and Ambriel's Bedtime Spanking
  • Kailee Is Paddled To Tears (2006), Kailee, photos
  • Katie Spades 1 (preview)
  • Katie Spades 2 (preview)
  • Maid For Punishment (Trailer on Spanking Tube)
  • Maya: Bedtime Spanking
  • Michelle Spanked With Lexan (2004), photos
  • Monica Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), photos
  • Monica Recieves The Lexan In The Bedroom (2008), photos
  • Punishing Teen Jennifer (2001), her first video, photos
  • Punishing Teen Jennifer: A Lesson Learned (2002), photos
  • Punishment Profile: Trish (2002), photos
  • School Swats (preview), with Kailee
  • School Swats: Amelia Jane Rutherford
  • Southern Strappings
  • Stevie is Punished by the Dean - Stevie Rose, photos
  • A Submissive Mind - Kailee (view trailer)
  • Tears - Kailee
  • Trish's Severe Punishments
  • Trying out the Lexan Paddle (Spanking Teen Jessica), Jessica, photos
  • The Very Best of the Paddle Vol. 1 (video at xHamster)
  • The Very Best of the Paddle Vol. 2
  • Waiting For A Whoopin' - Kiki Cali, whooping

Covid-19 videosEdit

Begining in March 2020, RealSpankings is the first, and only, CP video producer to make reference to the Coronavirus pandemic (use of masks in a school setting, etc.):

  • Cara's Double Strapping For Not Wearing Her Mask (, 2020), Cara Day, photos
  • Cara's 3 Part Punishment (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), Cara Day, photos
  • Exploring The Effectiveness Of Corporal Punishment, Part 1 (, 2020), Kiki Cali, photos
  • Kaylee Reports To The Dean For Mask Violations (RealSpankings Institute, April 2020), Kaylee Robinson, photos
  • Lilith Is Caught With No Mask And No Bra (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), photos
  • Lilith's Late Rent Punishment (, April 2020), photos
  • Paddled For Leaving During Home Quarantine (, 2020), photos
  • Punished For Not Wearing Her Mask At School (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), photos, more photos
  • Virus Precautions (, 2020), photos