Real life

Real life is a phrase that can have multiple meanings. It is most often used to mean life outside of an environment that is generally seen as fiction or fantasy, such as something on the Internet, a dream, a novel, or a movie.

See also non-fiction.

On the Internet, "real life" is sometimes abbreviated RL.

Real-life spankingsEdit

A real-life spanking is one that happened in real life, as opposed to a fictional or imaginary spanking.

For the spankophile, incidents of real-life spankings (whether they are experienced oneself or witnessed happening to others) typically form the foundation of his or her interest in the genre. Either receiving a spanking oneself or being privy to a peer receiving one can be a highly emotional and even sometimes traumatic event for a young child. For various reasons which are still not quite understood and only theorized about, these strong emotions and feelings connected with the event can often cause the later remembrance of it to trigger sensations of sexual arousal, even rudimentary ones in children who have not yet reached the age of beginning sexual maturity.

Once that maturity is attained, the spankophile can often gain enjoyment by reflecting upon those memories of real-life incidents of corporal punishment, relating them to others, or having the first-hand accounts of others' experiences related to them. This may even go so far as to have the spankophile re-enact (or have re-enacted for them) those experiences in the context of an adult situation.

Concurrently, many spanking authors sometimes base some or parts of their stories on real-life experiences and memories. A number of these specialize particularly in recounting such first-hand accounts in a literary form. These efforts can also incorporate various degrees of fictionalization, by changing or adding details to the actual event to better suit the spankophile's own individual fantasies. This might possibly be in some cases an example of a defense mechanism by an individual seeking to gain control over what may be essentially an unpleasant or a traumatic memory. Such fictionalizing may extend to a completely fabricated account being passed off as a real-life occurrence; the intent being not necessarily falsification as an attempt by the teller to authenticate their own individual fantasies by presenting them as events that actually happened.

The website Spanked Sweeties, run by Clare Fonda, is one example of a spanking site that specializes in having the participants first relate and then re-enact their own past real-life experiences of receiving corporal punishment.


The following spanking authors specialize in relating their own real-life experiences:

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