Rectal temperature taking

Rectal temperature taking in the sideways position.
A medical thermometer.

Rectal temperature taking is the method of measuring a person's body temperature by inserting a medical thermometer (also known as a rectal or clinical thermometer) into his or her anus. It is one of methods that gives the most exact and reliable results. It has come a little out of fashion in recent decades for being a little embarrassing, but is still widely practised because of its assets. Modern rectal thermometers exist in traditional analog and in digital form.


In the usual method, the person lies in bed, either on their side (Sims' position) or stomach, with clothing removed from their buttocks. For children up to the age of 4 or 5, the OTK position is recommended[1]. For babies, the diaper position is recommended[2].

A traditional mercury thermometer had to be swung sharply before use to reset it; modern thermometers don't need that. For hygienic reasons, a disposable cover can be put on the tip of the thermometer. The legs are opened are little and the anus is lubed with petroleum jelly or skin cream using a finger. The tip of the thermometer is lubed as well and gently inserted into the anus, about 1 inch (25 mm) - for small children, half of that. The person is to lie still while the thermometer is inserted. If the person lies in bed, their legs can be closed now to hold the thermometer in place. The thermometer tip must then be left in place until a reading can be derived, usually about 3 minutes for mercury thermometers and 1 minute for newer electronic types. It is important to remember that the normal human core temperature range measured with a rectal thermometer spans from 98.6 °F (37.0 °C) to 100.4 °F (38.0 °C).

Rectal thermometers are often colored cherry red to differentiate them from oral or axillary thermometers, as well as having a shorter, squat, pear, or stubby bulb shape. They are not meant to be used interchangeably with other types of thermometers.

The insertion of the thermometer is easy and painless if the person keeps their sphincter relaxed - after all, normal stool of much bigger size passes this opening daily. However relaxing one's sphincter is not a skill generally taught, and children in particular are often afraid of such an intrusion into their privacy. This can make rectal temperature taking an unpleasant experience for all parties.


Image by Palcomix from the series Spunking.

Rectal temperature taking, along with the taking of suppositories and enemas, is one of the few situations in which something is inserted into the anus of a person at young age. It can cause the same fear and has the same potential for eroticization.

Rectal temperature taking for erotic purposes is found mainly in medical play. There is a fetish market for rectal temperature taking photos and videos.

Like enemas, but to a somewhat lesser quantity, the topic of rectal temperature taking is also found in spanking art and spanking fiction. For example, in a fictional spanking story a child or teen character pretends to have a fever to avoid having to go to school. Their parent takes their temperature and finds that it is normal. On closer questioning it is found out that the entire illness was only faked. Since it's a spanking story, the rest features the standards of the genre.

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