Vintage photograph of a woman kneeling in corner time, with a birch next to her. You can sense the ritual character of such a scene.

A ritual is a detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed, a ceremonial act or series of such acts. Rituals are found in various meetings including religious, fraternal and secular gatherings of two or more persons. See also Initiation rite. Participants in a ritual typically know the setting and role they will play.

Rituals in spankingEdit

In spanking, the spanker may follow a ritual, and make the spankee follow it, too — for example certain verbal phrases, body positions, or gestures. Such a scene may act out the bottom's penitence. A ritual act is often ceremonial and symbolic, for example the spankee kissing the rod after a birching. Some details of the desired ritual may be taught before the punishment session (to be memorized and followed later), while other details may be commanded just when they are to be done. One example of such a ritual is thanking for punishment.

In consensual spanking, a ritual may develop between spankee and spanker as well. People who have spanked each other previously establish procedures based on experience. The setting of the spanking is known, e.g. the bedroom. The implement is agreed to, e.g. a belt used for spanking only. The procedures are known, e.g. the bottom must count the strokes out loud. A preferred spanking position, e.g. the spankee bends over a chair to present the bare buttocks. The attire is known, e.g. the spankee is fully naked for spanking. Devotees may agree on a day and time each week. Such procedures form the basis of a ritual that is acted out.

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