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Author, Webmaster
Florida, USA
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17th of February, 1976—

Roguebfl, also known as Rogue-kun, is an author of spanking stories, mostly ageplay stories. Roguebfl stands for "Rogue the bronze firelizard" (from Anne McCaffrey's fictional world of Pern).

Rogue is an ageplaying switch, whose normal play age is that of a schoolboy of about 8.

Rogue is American by birth. He grew up in New Zealand where he has dual-citizenship, but as of 2000 he has moved back to the United States. He is a known dysgraphic that is always open to constructive editorial assistance to overcome his acknowledged limits so that he can better capture the stories that keep running though his head in a manner that others can enjoy.

In March 2008 he opened the website Boyz Being Boyz at the request of Ai to be a male spanking art (boy spanking art) counterpart to Handprints.


Alexander is Rogue's "inner child" character based on his "Little" persona. Rogue uses this character in online roleplay at Anime OTK's IRC chatroom, where Alexander is an 8-year-old foster child. Alexander also had an appearance in the graphic novel Jade growing up again as a 6-year-old Penitatas (Alexander Thomas Richards). Monsp has made a drawing ( Warning:  ) of Alexander Forest getting spanked.

Specific storiesEdit

English is the borg of languages
  — Roguebfl
  • "At the Cabin" (M/m, NC) is a Story set on a family vacation, written from the prospective of "What did you do over the holidays?" essays, in which an older brother spanks a younger cousin.
  • "Hot day in a Life.." (F/m NC) is a Mother/son story written from the perspective of the boy.
  • "Wayward Apprentice" (F/m NC) is a Pern fanfic set during "Dragondrums" where Hasrper Journeywoman Menolly spanks Apprentice Harper Piemur, on the MasterHarper's orders.
  • "Rueful Rogue" (F/m NC) was written at the request of Mommy Dawn, and is a Mother/son story featuring them.
  • The Tales of Sophie and Billy consisting of:
    • "The Cauldron" (F/f, NC, enema)
    • "If You Go Down to the Woods To Day..." (f/m).
  • Kich the Catboy (co-authored with Hrtofdrkns) consisting of:
    • "Brian Comes Home" (M/m, NC)
    • "The Shopping Trip" (M/m, NC)
    • "The Party" (M/m, NC)
  • Pint-Sized Engineer (rejuve):
    • "Pint-Sized Engineer" (scene setting)
    • "New Beginnings" (F/m, birthday spanking)
    • "Long Day" (F/m, NC)
    • "Class Act" (M/m M/m M/m, NC)
    • "After School Special" (f/mm, NC)
    • "Rude Awakenings" (F/m, NC)
    • "Warm Festivities" (M/m, F/m, NC)
    • "News Review" (F/m, NC)
    • "Wild Sleepover (F/mm, M/mm, NC)
    • "Science Fair" (Machine/m, judicial spanking)
    • "Project: Tutor" (F/m F/m, NC)
  • I'm Too Bratty (parody)
  • "The Life and Hard Times of Benjamin Dover" (co-authored with Mister SchoolMarm X/m, X/M, NC)
  • "Unequal Expectation" (M/m, NC) is his first ever Summer Story Contest entry and is a school scene for the 'Imbalance of Power' category in SSC2010.
  • "Open Window" (M/m, NC) also a SSC2010 short story. This time for the 'The Age of Twitter' category.
  • "Burning Vigil" (M/m, NC) also a SSC2010 short story. This time for the 'Another Time' category.
  • "Familiar Situation" (m/immortal, Ritual) was mean to be a SSC2011 short story that ran long. It depicts a young mage apprentice acquiring an unusual familiar.

Spanking art examplesEdit

Roguebfl colourized a number of spanking drawings (lineart) by other spanking artists. Here are a few examples of his colourizations.