Ron Wilson


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Ron Wilson is an artist who specializes in drawings of juvenile spankings. He claims to have made over 5,000 drawings, which he shares freely.

Often, Wilson's drawings involve an element of Schadenfreude: a child receives a spanking, and siblings and friends arrive to laugh and taunt the pentitent at his of her predicament.

Wilson also does revisions of spanking art by other artists such as Drooaygah or Lee Warner, and has also done illustrations for Gary's Lee Academy story.

Anime OTK controversyEdit

In April 2008, Ron withdrew himself and his art from Anime OTK after a series of inflammatory conversations with various moderators including AI and RobM.[1] Wilson alleged that his art had been subject to an act of excessive and discriminatory moderation which was denied. Unable to resolve the matter to his satisfaction, he requested his art be removed from the site by moderators and his account terminated.