Empty room with sliding door and wood panelling. Drawing by Gauis Marius.

A room is an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling. A room usually has one or more doors (which can be on exterior walls leading outside the building, or on interior walls leading to other rooms in the building and may or may not have windows.

Rooms are typically specialized for certain purposes and activities to be done in them.

Examples of rooms by type:

Rooms in spankingEdit

Rooms play an important role in spanking because they have an important influence on the "feel" of a spanking scene. A spanking given in a woodshed, for example, will be quite different from a spanking given in a classroom, in an office, in a living room or in a bedroom. The furnishing of the room also determines what furniture is available, and thus influences the choice of spanking position, among other things.

In spanking fiction, there are sometimes special punishment rooms. These are typically equipped with spanking furniture, restraints and spanking implements. The details and possible other equipment are left to the author's creativity. Real-life BDSM "dungeons" often resemble such fictional punishment rooms.

Rooms are also important in spanking roleplay, whether real or online, as they define the setting of a scene.

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