Butt rubbing.

Rubbing is making tight contact between two objects (with some pressure) and then moving one or both objects sideways, overcoming the frictional resistance.

Rubbing is used e.g. in cleaning, polishing, erasing. Rubbing body parts (usually with the palms and insides of fingers) is done to alleviate pains, cramps, to improve circulation, for warming and massage. The warming effect of rubbing has two causes: a) the heat created by friction, b) the stimulation of blood circulation in the skin and outer tissue layers.

When the surfaces are wet and one of the objects is a brush, or when there are small abrasive particles between the surfaces, it is called scrubbing.

Rubbing with a towel is the usual method for drying an object or body part.

Rubbing and spankingEdit

Drawing by P. Beloti.

"No rubbing" is an often heard instruction after a spanking, especially for pauses in between two spanking sets when the punishment is not yet finished. Spanking can cause a great desire to rub the stinging "away", and the spankee may not be granted this form of relief. The spankee may be instructed to keep his/her hands off of his/her bottom, e.g. by placing them on his/her head while standing in corner time.

On the other hand, rubbing the buttocks after or during the spanking can also reduce the certain numbness that may have built up, "reviving" the sensation, and thus be in the interest of the spanker as well. Rubbing the spankee's bottom is also very popular in sensual and erotic spanking due to the sensual, erogenous effect of that kind of touch.

When hugging, or cuddling, the spankee for comforting after a spanking, the spankee's back may be rubbed, which feels good and reassuring.

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