A boy is beaten with what appears to be a ruler.

A ruler is a device for measuring length. It is often 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) long, and traditionally made of wood (more recently it may be of metal or plastic). A 36-inch long ruler is called a yardstick.

Use as spanking implementEdit

A ruler is sterotypically used as a "pervertible" spanking implement in school settings, either on the palms, knuckles, thighs, or on the bottom. As such it serves as a short, narrow ferule or paddle.

The traditional wooden ruler had the pervertible properties of the dual-purpose nature so as not to stick out to the class as only there to chastise and the durability that you didn't need be partially careful about it break when used as a spanking implement, however as in its primary design usage the wooden measuring edge was prone to denting making flaws for a drawing guide as such have been phased out of typical classroom usage. The denting flaw had a workaround of adding a metal edge to the wood. As a spanking implement, this was less useful as a less than perfect stroke could land slightly turned and his mostly edge-on on the metal side possible causing undesirable welts, brusing or cuts. And from a primary usage point of view, the additional expense made less the ideal, and the design made the wood/metal join not particularly long-lasting; whereas the full metal ruler didn't have this durability flaw and not only shared draws of both expense and pervertible dangers, but metal temperature expansion issue make less consistent a measuring implement.

The plastic ruler by contrast has all the advantages of cheap, doesn't easily dent, and not only doesn't have the temperature altering it measuring, but their ability to be transparent actual also makes them the superior choice for accurate measuring. This means they rapidly replaced the traditional wooden ones in classrooms once they became cheaply available. However, as a spanking implement, they are prone to snapping. In theory, stronger plastics like lexan could be used but they're not as cheap and schools that still use school corporal punishment are more likely to use a dedicated spanking implement than relay on an ubiquitous pervertable.

A blackboard ruler is a larger design that sometimes includes a handle.

A ruler spanking is also called a rulering.

Mainstream filmsEdit

In the period piece drama Little Women (1949) set in the 19th century, a misbehaving schoolgirl holds her hand out for a ruler smack. This scene can be watched on YouTube.

Peeples (2013) is a contemporary romantic comedy featuring an unusually energetic and lighthearted scene of kinky consensual spanking. Grace (Kerry Washington), seduces her fiance Wade (Craig Robinson) and initiates the spanking by taunting him while dressed in her old schoolgirl uniform. This roleplay includes holding a wooden ruler in her teeth. Pretending to be a principal, Wade pulls her over his knee and vigorously spanks her about a dozen times with the ruler as Grace squeals with sexual excitement and kicks her legs.

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