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SM-201, also spelled SM201, is an adult wiki on BDSM. It is a project of Robin Roberts and the BackDrop Club founded by him, an organization since 1966 for people interested in BDSM and adult fetishes and fantasies, currently in Mountain View, California.

As of May 2010, the wiki has over 4600 articles and 4000 images. As of March 2011, SM-201 has over 7000 articles and 5600 files.

License issuesEdit

The wiki reuses images from Wikimedia Commons and other sources, but violates in large style the license requirements: for example, for most images, neither the source nor the creator nor the image license is specified, although the license terms require this information to be present.

Large numbers of articles and images were copied and imported from the Spanking Art wiki without following the license terms. Spankart contacted Robin Roberts, informing him about the issues and asking him to correct this. So far he has not replied.

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