SamPast (also known as Sam) is a female U.S. author of spanking stories. She writes mostly Child spanking stories primarily M/f, F/f, and MF/f; although some of her stories involve boys as spankees, and some adults as spankees, these latter are usually M/F.

She identifies herself as living in NY, as being a teacher, and the mother of two children. Her stories were all stated to be fantasies, not autobiographical in nature.

Many of her stories were written with co-authors, particularly Don A. Landhill, HuggedLots, and Kayley.

Most of her stories were initially posted to the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup, and later archived on one web site or another (see the links section). Currently, all her stories can be found at the Library of Spanking Fiction

Story seriesEdit

SamPast has written several series of stories with continuing characters. The longest and best known is the Clemente Twins series. This follows the characters of Robin and Jennifer Clemente from ages 4 to 17. Their parents, younger siblings, relatives and friends are also continuing characters. There are at least 56 stories in this series, which features the loving, merited childhood discipline of basically good kids, and is set more or less in the current time. Many of these stories were co-authored with Don A. Landhill.

The "Maggie, Heather, and Bob" series is a spin-off from the twins series. It contains at least 6 long multi-part spanking novels. This series was co-authored with HuggedLots.

The "Little One" Series consists of stories about a young girl and her father (there is apparently a mother also, but almost always off-stage). They are lighter in tone than the twins stories. The girl is named "Samantha Karen", but is often addressed simply as "Little One". The family's name is "Leonard", and Samantha's babysitter "Alysa" appears in several of the stories. All stories in this series were co-authored with Don A. Landhill. Some posters on SSS speculated that "Little One" and her father were personifcations of SamPast and Don Landhill. These stories contain no overt sexual content, they all are stories of disciplinary child spanking.

Other shorter series include the "Beckie and Benny", "Dustin Family", "Kimberly", "Lexie", "Lizzie", "Missy", and "Stephie" stories — each with a set of continuing characters. There is even one "crossover" story "Little One and Missy Meet the Twins" involving characters from three different series.

The "Pam and Al" stories are different from any of SamPast's other continuing series. These are M/F stories, about an adult man and woman in a domestic discipline arrangement. There are at least 6 stories in this series.

SamPast has also written a number of stories that are not part of any series.

SamPast has posted significantly less often since 2003.