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Sarah Gregory (born 1984) is an American spanking actress, a BDSM, fetish and spanking model as well as a spanking video producer. She was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently resides in Broad Brook (near Hartford), Connecticut. She produces spanking videos and runs her own spanking pay sites since 2011. She identifies herself as a lesbian bottom, but does switching in videos and also offers private adult spanking sessions as a top (see the Miss Sarah Gregory site in the Links section). In addition, she loves to sing, dance, and participate in theater productions as well as doing photography, website work and graphic design.

Gregory has worked with many other producers such as Bars and Stripes, Delco Video Productions (a regular role as a prison guard), Disciplinary Arts, Naughty Diaper Girls, Triple A Spanking, Bondage Designs, Dominic Wolfe, The Hidden Agenda, Bad Tushy, Girl Spanks Girl, Good Spanking, My Spanking Roommate, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Spank Sinn, Spanked Call Girls, Spanked Sweeties, Disciplinarian Dana Specht, and Shadow Lane. She has also performed in a number of spanking parodies, including spoofs of television shows. Her first role as a spanker/top was in Sarah Spanks Chloe Elise for My Spanking Roommate.

In 2013, Gregory participated in the Texas All-State Spanking Party, for which she has done a promo video with Dana Specht. She regularly attends spanking parties across the U.S. and U.K., including Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Atlantic City, NJ), Shadow Lane (Las Vegas, NV), and Crimson Moon in Chicago (photos).

The SG NetworkEdit

In 2008, Sarah Gregory started her blog Spanking Sarah Gregory. Under the umbrella organization of The SG Group, Gregory runs several companies, each with its own website. There is some amount of overlapping of titles between the first four website collections. The SG Group comprises the following:

  • Sarah Gregory Spanking (website), her original pay site, opened for business in 2011. The site offers mainly F/F (and some M/F) adult spanking content. The majority of the videos feature her being punished in various spankee roles, but she also plays a spanker on occasion. This site also contains a DVD store for this and her other sites.
  • Momma Spankings (website) went online in 2013. The videos created for this site are part of a collaboration with her friend Dana Specht, a veteran video producer and pro-domme. As the title suggests, this video series portrays fantasy roleplay scenes of domestic discipline. Most titles feature the matronly, gray-haired Specht as a stern mother or aunt who punishes "little" girls (ageplaying adults) performed by Gregory and others. Gregory also occasionally takes on the role of mother, aunt, and big sister. Some of these titles are also sold on Specht's personal website. New additions to the site include mommy/daughter themed videos with her playing "mommy", as well as other spanking celebrities playing her mother.
  • Triple A Spanking (website), is a British producer or M/F and F/F videos that sold and transferred its catalog to the SG Group in December 2014. Prior to that, Gregory had visited England and played a spankee in two-dozen videos for the company.
  • Cheerleader Spankings (website) was launched in March 2016. These videos make use of Gregory's extensive collection of authentic cheerleader uniforms. She mostly plays the disciplinarian role in various F/F scenarios.
  • POV Spanking, a Clips4Sale vendor site with point-of-view videos.

Collaborations with Disciplinary ArtsEdit

Sarah Gregory has performed in many videos for Disciplinary Arts. They have also combined forces to produce matching pairs of videos, one for each company, shot back-to-back reusing the same actors, sets, and costumes. Below are a few examples.

  • Prehistoric Catfight (Disciplinary Arts, photos, video) and The Biggest Brat in Bedrock (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are both spoofs of The Flintstones with Kyle Johnson and Sarah Gregory.
  • Sarah's Bad Decision (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Truth or Dare (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) have the same setting and feature Kyle Johnson, Sarah Gregory, and Stevie Rose.
  • Mean Girls Get Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) is a sleepover story with Kisa Elaine Corvin, Sarah Gregory, and Kat St James. This scenario is duplicated in Slumber Party Blues (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Kat & Sarah's Bathtime Fun (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Bathtime Spanking Fun (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are nearly identical features with Sarah Gregory and Kat St James.
  • Pretty and Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) matches the similarly-titled Pretty and Spanked (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Shower Shocked, Kat St James and Sarah Gregory (Disciplinary Arts, photos) also matches Spanked In The Shower (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Tantrum Throwing Brat Sarah Gregory Taken In Hand! (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Spoiled Rotten Brat (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos), both with Lily Starr spanking Sarah Gregory.

Sarah Gregory Spanking videosEdit

Selected videos produced by and starring Sarah Gregory are given below.

There are also crossover stories that link together separate product lines. For example, Sarah's Shameful Spanking (Momma Spankings) by her mother Dana Specht continues in Sarah's Shameful Spanking: Daddy's Turn (Sarah Gregory Spanking). Mommy Spanks Violet (Momma Spankings) has the sequel, Violet Spanked by Daddy (Sarah Gregory Spanking). Quinn's Attitude Adjustment (Momma Spankings) concludes in Daddy Spanks Quinn (Sarah Gregory Spanking).

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Cheerleader Spankings

Triple A Spanking

  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Bedtime Brats (Amelia Jane Rutherford, Christy Cutie)
  • Bunking Off Bible Class
  • Caning Demonstration (2011)
  • Candle's Intimate Spanking
  • Casey's Special Detention
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Cheergirl Vandal (vandalism plot)
  • Chip 'n' Pain
  • Creepy Dolly Spankings
  • The Fake Illness
  • Hell No Kitteh!
  • Masquerade Spanking
  • Momma's Sound Advice (Dana Specht)
  • Music Teacher's Detention (Amelia Jane Rutherford)
  • Naked Rosie's Strapping
  • Naughty Spankbots
  • Sarah's Bad Maid
  • Sarah's Detention
  • Sarah Spanked by Her Men
  • Sassy Shenanigans
  • Sassy Xmas Spankings
  • Selfish Ami Disciplined by Dad (2021), followed by sequel, Ami's Bedtime Spanking (Momma Spankings)
  • Showdown Session (Chelsea Pfeiffer)
  • The Spanking Therapist

Momma Spankings

  • Ally's Diaper Discipline
  • Cassy and Sarah Spanked by Mom (2020), alcohol
  • The Disappointing Daughter
  • Lily's Drop-Seat Spanking
  • Little Misbehaving Alice
  • Mom's Painful Lesson
  • My Bratty Daughter
  • The Naughty Stepdaughter
  • Punishment for Angel
  • Rosie's Bedtime Punishment - bathing, Rosie Ann, photos, video
  • Step Daughter Spanked (Stevie Rose), photos
  • Step Mommy Dearest
  • Stepmother's Discipline (Miss Elsa Svenson)
  • Stevie Learns Respect (2020), Stevie Rose