Woman sceaming.

Screaming (verb) is to utter a long, loud, piercing cry, as from pain or fear. Such utterances may be connected with crying or weeping, but not necessarily.

In art, the facial expression of screaming is drawn with the character's mouth wide open, eyes closed or amost closed.

Screaming and spankingEdit

In consensual spanking, screaming is one possible response of the spankee. Screaming may start as the session goes on longer. If desired, the spankee may be fitted with a gag that reduces the screaming sound and allows the spanker to complete the spanking.

One device is to ask the spankee if he/she will be needing a gag. This may indicate the spanking will be harsh. If the session occurs in a remote spot, the partners may prefer to listen to the screaming.

Sobbing and screaming are both advanced states of emotional release. A spankee who has been screaming may need to be held in the aftermath. Spankings designed to induce screaming include whipping and caning.

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