The setting of a work of fiction is the place where the work occurs. More generally, it is the surrounding environment or background. Thus one might speak of a story with a school setting or a hospital setting. The setting can be an important element of a work of art.

The setting of a spankingEdit

In consensual spanking, the setting is essential to creating an erotic atmosphere wherein the spankee is "disciplined," i.e., the room, furniture, lighting, implements. A good setting brings about pangs of fear in the spankee before receiving the first stroke. Some spanking devotees enhance the setting with masks, costumes and erotic music.

A setting in the home may be selected for spanking or domestic discipline between husband and wife. For example, a wife tells her husband to go to the bedroom for a spanking. The husband knows where a spanking scene takes place in the home, what spanking position to take, and what implement his wife may prefer. See ritual.