Sharon Kane

Sharon Kane (born February 24, 1956 in Ohio) is an American bondage model and pornographic actress. She has appeared in many adult magazines and pornographic movies, in both dominant and submissive roles. She is a member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

Recently, Kane works behind the camera as a director, production manager, art director and film composer. She wrote the scores for 1997's The Hills Have Bi's and Chi Chi La Rue's Idol in the Sky. She directed and starred in Stairway to Paradise, the movie featured in the book Coming Attractions: The Making of an X-Rated Movie. She is now head of production for Naughty America's gay site Suite 703.

Her aliases include: Shirley Woods, Shirley Wood, Sharon Cane, Sharon Cain, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg, Barb Mathews, and De Je Von.

Selected fetish videosEdit

As a spanking actress, Kane has worked primarily as a mistress or dominatrix in videos by B&D Pleasures, Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, Harmony Concepts, Shadow Lane, et al.

  • Bare Bottom Treatment (Redboard Video, 1993)
  • Best of Female Domination 14: Dominatrix Supreme (Bizarre Video, 1994)
  • Betrayed into Bondage (House of Milan, 1990)
  • Bondage in the Bastille (London Enterprises, 1992)
  • Bondage Files (B&D Pleasures, 1998)
  • Bondage Nudes In Love (Harmony Concepts, 1998)
  • Cult of the Whip (London, 1995)
  • Defiance: Art of Spanking (Bizarre Video, 1996)
  • Disciplinary Action (London, 1999)
  • Discipline Experts (HOM Inc., 1990)
  • Dungeon Daydreams (London, 2001), Ashley Renee, BeBe LeBadd
  • Dungeon Dementia ((House of Milan, 1997), Ashley Renee, Fawna/Tori Sinclair, video at Xhampster
  • Education of a Dominatrix (HOM Inc., 1993), Patricia Kennedy
  • Greta Carlson's Slave Trade (Bon-Vue Enterprises, 1997), Greta Carlson
  • Greta's Confessions (London, 1995), Greta Carlson
  • House of Kane (B&D Pleasures, 1999), Tori Sinclair
  • I Scream for Genie (London Enterprises, 1997)
  • I Submit (London, 2000)
  • Kane Mutiny (B&D Pleasures, 2000)
  • Kiss of the Whip (Bon-Vue Ent., 1996)
  • Kidnapped by Pirates (London, 1995), Be Be LeBadd
  • Leatherbound Dykes From Hell, vols 1-8 (Bizarre Video, 1994-96)
  • The Legend of The Torturer (HOM), Star Chandler
  • Maidens of Servitude, vols 1-3 (Star Maker Video, 1994)
  • Mark of Kane (Bon-Vue Enterprises, 1999)
  • Mistress of Cruelty (House of Milan), Ashley Renee, Porsche Lynn
  • Mistress Kane (London, 2000)
  • Mistress Kane: Lessons In Terror (Bizarre Video, 1996)
  • Mistress Stephanie Locke (Harmony Concepts, 1992), Stephanie Locke
  • Morgan's Three Ordeals (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment)
  • Night Slave - (HOM), Ashley Renee
  • Obey Me Bitch, vols 1-4 (Bizarre Video, 1993)
  • Runaway Slaves (House of Milan, 1994), Bobbi Brandt, Desi d'Angelo
  • Sadistic Spectre (B&D Pleasures), Mika Tan, Lena Ramon
  • Secret Diary (1994), porn film with spanking
  • Sharon Kane: Bondage Legend (B&D Pleasures)
  • Sinderella's Revenge (HOM), Alexis Payne, Trinity Loren
  • Slave Traders (London, 1997)
  • The S/M Dimension (London), BeBe LeBadd
  • Spanked Sluts (London, 2001)
  • Taste of the Whip (London, 2003)
  • Terrors of the Inquisition (HOM, 1991), Alexis Payne, Marilyn Rose, Desi d'Angelo
  • White Slavery (London, 1989)

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