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Sakaki Tachibana

Yuri, also known as Girls Love (GL), is a genre in manga and anime that focuses on female-to-female homosexual (lesbian) romantic love and/or sexuality.

In the West, the term "yuri" is often used to refer to more adult and sexually explicit works, while non-sexual, romantic works are called Shōjo-ai (which literally means "girl-love" in Japanese). In Japan, the term "shōjo-ai" is not used. Yuri works that involve underage girls are called lolicon (rorikon).

Yuri originated in female-targeted (Shōjo, josei) works, but today it is featured in male-targeted (Shōnen, seinen) ones as well.

Yuri spanking stories and artEdit

Sometimes spanking is featured in combination with yuri. An example of a spanking author working in this genre is Haruka. An example of an anime artist who draws yuri and spanking art scenes is CM Zero.


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