The Master. "Smith Minor, it is now my painful duty to cane you." Smith Minor. "Yes, Sir. Do you wish me at any particular angle, Sir?" Cartoon from Punch (1921).

Sir is a respectful and formal address to males. It derives from the Middle French honorific title sire, which developed alongside the word seigneur.

The term can be used as a formal prefix, especially in the Commonwealth, for males who have been given certain honours or titles (such as knights and baronets), where usage is strictly governed by law and custom. The term is also commonly used as a respectful way to address a man, usually of superior social status, or an adult male customer.

In the British school system, male teachers are addressed Sir and female teachers are meant to use Mrs. or Miss as appropriate, however to many teacher's annoyance many students reflexive default to Miss—a remnant of the old days where female teachers would have to give up teaching when they got married. In the Southern United States, Ma'am is used instead, being more status neutral.

In cases when a child is being scolded by their father, it is not uncommon for them to address him as "Sir" instead of Daddy or Dad.

In BDSM and spankingEdit

In BDSM, Sir is a common address to a dom or head of household. In domestic settings, submissive persons often say, "Yes, sir" or "No, sir" to their Dom in a respectful manner. In spanking, sir is often the male spanker being addressed by the spankee or a male superior in any number of dominance scenarios.

The American spanking club SCONY encourages the usage of "generic terms" such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sir, Ma’am, over those that "may throw off someone else (unless you’ve talked about it)" such as Mommy, Daddy, Auntie, Mistress, Master.

Examples of people with the title Sir:

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