Model in a polka-dotted miniskirt and white stockings.
A denim miniskirt.

A skirt is a draped garment which hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs. Unlike pants, a skirt is not divided into separate leg coverings.

In a narrow sense, a skirt is a Western female article of clothing. However, similar garments for men or from other cultural spheres may also be referred to as skirts. Examples include the Scottish kilt.

In addition to being a separate article of clothing, the lower section of a dress or gown is also a skirt. The part of an apron that is below the waist may be referred to as an apron skirt.

A skirt with attached suspenders is a suspender skirt. If the garment has more than suspenders above the waist, such as a bib, it would usually be considered a type of dress. Examples of sleeveless dresses that may have relatively limited coverage above the waist includes the pinafore dress (British English; American English jumper dress) and the overall dress.

Different skirt lengths

Skirts in spankingEdit

A maid's skirt is lifted for a spanking.

A skirt is frequently depicted as being worn by the spankee in spanking art, and described in spanking stories. This is partly because of its status as a traditional article of female clothing, and partly because a skirt can be easily lifted, providing the spanker with easy access to the bottom of the spankee.

Requiring a spankee to holder her skirts up, or to wear them pinned up, exposing the bottom, before or particularly after a spanking (perhaps during corner time) is a common form of humiliation. Punishment clothing often features particularly short skirts. In the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon, punishment skirts were described as having special button holes and buttons to allow the back of the skirt to be raised and held in place. Other forms of punishment skirts were cut long in front but very short in back, again exposing the bottom.

Female spankers are also often depicted as wearing skirts in spanking art in order to suggest a mature and conservative demeanor.


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