soc.sexuality.spanking (often abbreviated SSS or s.s.s. among spankophiles) was a newsgroup about erotic spanking. It was the successor of the unmoderated newsgroup From 2006 to 2012 the newsgroup was run by Pablo Stubbs as the "bot-operator" (technical moderator). The newgroup was ended in December 2012 for financial reasons.


The discussions on soc.sexuality.spanking did "cover topics dealing with spanking in an erotic context, whether as fantasy or real experiences. In addition, s.s.s. includes discussions on real life discipline between adults, and sightings of spanking scenes in books, t.v., and movies."

SSS's moderation policy was quite limited. Spam, Binaries, overly cross-posted articles, and certain classes of advertisement were excluded, but there was no "content" moderation allowed. The scope and implementation of the moderation policy has been the subject of several prolongued disputes on SSS. Specifically, the moderation policy said:

"In all other respects, SSS is intended to function as an unmoderated group. The moderators will not accept any responsibility for the content of posts to the newsgroup, and are not obligated or empowered to use the robot software or their positions as moderators to regulate off-topic discussions, trolls, flame-wars, outing posts, or other issues related to the content of posts to the newsgroup."

Short Story ContestEdit

Since 1994 there has been an annual Summer Story Contest (SSC). This was first held on, and moved to SSS in 1997 after SSS was created.