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Woman in striped socks.

A sock is a knitted garment for enclosing the human foot and/or lower leg, which is designed to:

  • ease chafing between the foot and footwear,
  • keep the feet warm
  • absorb moisture

Socks are usually made from cotton, wool, or polypropylene, and less commonly from nylon. They come in many colors, though are typically dark for formal attire and white for athletic or casual attire. Sock lengths vary, from ankle-high to knee level.

Socks as fetish itemsEdit

A houseboy in corner time wearing knee length socks, white shirt, shorts and a tie.

Socks are also a fetish item, usually as part of a foot fetish. This is also true of stockings and pantyhose; and the three are often grouped into one fetish alongside such related fetishes as legwarmers, boots, and shoes. The shoe fetish is a very common fetish; sock fetishes are particularly common in Japan, and as part of a schoolgirl fetish or lolita complex.

Socklessness (in other words barefoot, or barefoot in shoes) also has its own fetish appeal for a great number of people, and going sockless has been part of both women's and men's fashions at particular times.


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