Sound are vibrations transmitted with frequencies in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz capable of being detected by human organs of hearing. Sound is one of the senses that provides stimulation in everyday life.

Sound and spankingEdit

In consensual spanking, sound plays a role in the entire spanking scene. Spankee and spanker receive intense stimulation from sound during a spanking. This may be the sound of the spanker, the implement flying through the air or an implement striking the buttocks. This includes the sound of a hand, paddle, belt, strap, birch, cane, or whip. See spanking noise for more on this.

Sound can be subtle or harsh. The sound of a man's hand landing on the buttocks is a slapping sound. A leather belt makes a moderate thud sound upon impact, partly because it's doubled over. A single tail whip makes a high whistling sound in the air and a "crack" sound as it strikes the body. Everyone says a rattan cane makes a whistling sound in the air.

Sound plays an emotional role before, during and after a spanking. These sounds include preparation, i.e., the sound of a belt being pulled from a man's tousers, and the sound of an implement striking the buttocks. Sound may include the spankee yelping, screaming or sobbing, which often is stimulating to the spanker.

Sound is also a very important element of spanking movies.

The word "sound" is also used as an adjective. In its adjectival form, "sound" means "wholesome, solid, substantial," as in "a good sound spanking."

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