South Asia

South Asia, or Southern Asia, is the southern region of the continent of Asia.

There are eight countries in the region - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. South Asia is the most densely populated area in the world, as one fifth of the world's population (around 1.70 billion) live there. India, the second most populous country in the world, is located in that region.

Spanking in South AsiaEdit

Judicial corporal punishment (both legal and illegal) is practiced in some South Asian countries.

In Afghanistan, during the Taliban's rule (1996-2001), the courts ordered floggings of both men and women (mainly in the form of whipping or strapping, with no specific target on the body) for certain crimes under Islamic (or Sharia) law. Even today, after the Taliban has been overthrown, there are still reports of unofficial corporal punishment among local Afghan tribes.

In Pakistan, during General Zia's regime (1977-1985), canings (for men only) were sometimes conducted in public (in stadiums) - the offender is tied to a Malaysian-style A-Frame and is beaten on the buttocks over a layer of clothing.

Judicial corporal punishment (in the form of caning) was used in India during the British colonial era and appears to have been abolished after India gained independence in 1947. The spanking of children at home and in school still exists in India today, even though some states have already banned corporal punishment in schools.

Little is known about BDSM and consensual and erotic spanking in nearly all these countries due to their conservative nature and strong religious influences, which prohibit pornography and open discussion of sex-related topics.

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