Spank Festival

Spank Festival, also called S.P.A.N.K. ("Sensual Pleasures And Naughty Kink") is an event held at an adults-only campground in Wisconsin. The last Spank Festival was held from June 11th to 14th 2009.

The event welcomes everyone who is of legal age; singles, couples, of any kink, straight, gay, bisexual, whatever. There is a big indoor dungeon and an outdoor play area, but the festival is not specifically for BDSM fans and spankophiles only. There is no dresscode; nudity is welcome. Sexual activities are permitted; photography is strictly forbidden.

The price is $190.00 per person (regular registration) or $250.00 per person (late registration).


Spank Festival is held in Wisconsin, at an adults only campground. We strive for complete immersion, and total acceptance. Come, let your clothes, inhibitions, and fears fall away in our accepting environment. We don't care what your gender is, what your kink is, what your orientation is. Every color of the sexuality rainbow is welcome at Spank Festival. We ask only that you be open minded, and come enlighten your sexuality. We’d like to invite you to join us for a weekend of exploring and living out your wildest fantasies! The fun begins upon your arrival. If you like…strip yourself of your clothes and inhibitions and sunbathe naked on the beach. Explore the 5000 square foot dungeon space or one of the more intimate play spaces throughout the campground. Discover decadence in the orgy spaces. Get back to nature and tie a friend to a tree. Have sex where you like…play where you like…and be free of the traditional conformities of a hotel event. This event and venue will allow you a comfortable and accepting environment to explore your deepest, darkest desires! We will offer you structured events, or all the time you wish to simply laze about and enjoy the atmosphere. Spank Festival strives to offer education in a broad scope of human sexuality, and then, the freedom to practice the things you learned. We are open to all walks of life, singles, couples, triads, leather families, swingers, gay, lesbian, etc. That list is endless. If you have an open mind and a desire to explore your sexuality, we are the place for you. "Radical Inclusivity" is a phrase we strive to be worthy of.
  — Spank Festival Recruiter

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