This young lady of the early 1900s gets a spank probably not because she has done something wrong, but because her bathing costume and her bent-over pose as she climbs the plank make her bottom invitingly "spankable".

Spankable is a coined adjective that means "well suited for spanking" or "nice to spank". It can apply to a person, such as in "she has such a cute bottom—she's really the most spankable girl I know." Note that spankable does not always mean that the person deserves a spanking or is going to get one at all; it can mean "cute enough to spank" in a similar hypothetical manner as "cute enough to eat".

Similar to huggable, spankable can be a physical characteristic, but also character dependent one. A person can also be particularly spankable, for example, not because of their looks but because they react so nicely whenever they are spanked.

A spankable position is one in which the spankee's buttocks are well presented for a spanking—see spanking position.

The most spankable women from spanking videosEdit

Since 2006, Wulfram makes an annual poll of who is the most spankable spanking actress. The past winners of this poll were:

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