Spanker Machine

The Spanker Machine is a small spanking machine developed in Europe and marketed as 'the first domestic spanking machine'.

It is unlikely to match the intensity levels possible with larger spanking machines (such as Robospanker). It is, however, much cheaper at about $127.


The machine is electrically powered (mains). It is about the size and shape of a tennis ball tin. It can be clamped for use to a suitable piece of furniture such as a table or bedside table. It´s easy to vary the angle of impact by the extender arm octagonal holes.

The machine does not come with any spanking implement, but has a coupler for inserting and attaching the instrument to use. It can swing implements weighing up to 100 grams. The user can attach, for example, rulers, fly swatters, wooden spoons, paddles, small leather implements or plastic canes. The machine has 10 intensity levels.

The machine lacks a remote control, but there is an easy way around it: "The most recommended way to use the machine is to plug the transformer into a power strip with power switch button. Thus leaving the ON / OFF of the machine on and once you have selected the minutes of operation, only need to press the switch from the power strip to turn on/off the machine, taking the strip button on your hand and using it as a remote control."


  • V1, the first version, black
  • V2, more powerful than V1, black
  • SILVER model, claimed to be 50% more powerful than V1 and 30% more powerful than V2