Spanking 101

Spanking 101 (a.k.a. Spanking 101: The Videos and is a spanking video company based in Texas. It was created by Paul Rogers (aka Tubaman). The videos are sold through various online clip sites.

Style and contentEdit

The majority of the videos feature M/F scenarios with Rogers in the role of disciplinarian (father, uncle, teacher, principal, etc.) in domestic and school settings. There is also a lesser number of all-female (F/F) stories and a few combined M/F and F/F titles.

Rogers has been a fixture in the spanking community for decades and began by demonstrating techniques at seminars and private gatherings. The educational aspect of his work has continued in a number of demonstration-based videos (see list below).


Rogers is in a lifestyle "Daddy" roleplay relationship with well-known spanking actress Sarah Gregory (owner of Sarah Gregory Spanking, Momma Spankings, et al.). As a result, Gregory -- as well as her lifestyle "Mommy" Dana Specht -- have appeared in numerous videos for Rogers.

Other established actresses who have worked with Rogers include Amelia Jane Rutherford, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Pandora Blake, Leia-Ann Woods, Alex Reynolds, Erica Scott, Lily Starr, Kat St. James, Ten Amorette, Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose, and Christy Cutie.

Selected titlesEdit

  • Bedtime Spanking - Sarah Gregory
  • Burning Blue - Sarah Gregory
  • Burnt Rope Martinet Technique - Ten Amorette
  • Butt Battle No. 1 - Ten Amorette, Adriana Evans
  • Chastised Cowgirl - Sarah Gregory
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom! - Sarah Gregory
  • Christy's Cheerleader Punishment - Christy Cutie
  • Christy's Schoolgirl Spankings - Christy Cutie
  • Coal Shovel Chastisement - Ashley Graham, photos
  • Cornertime - Lily Starr
  • Erica Meets the Hairbrush - Erica Scott
  • Flat Spatula Technique
  • Flogger Technique - Sarah Gregory
  • Four Girls vs The Principal - Stevie Rose
  • Galas OTK - Sarah Gregory
  • Good Bottom, Bad Bottom - Sarah Gregory, Kat St. James
  • Good Scolding - Sarah Gregory spanked by Dana Specht
  • GWNN Bash Educational Series
  • Hairbrush Types and Techniques - Erica Scott
  • Harley's and Ava's Triple Threat - Harley Havik, Ava Nicole
  • Hard Bondage Plus Spanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer, photos


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