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Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Example of an external image embedded here using our BBB template.

This external image policy specifies rules for the embedding of externally hosted images to the Spanking Art Wiki.

The usual way to use images in this wiki is to upload them. There are however also two other ways:

  1. Some external image hosters, such as Flickr, explicitly permit the hotlinking of their images under certain conditions. We can display such external images with the help of templates. By permitting hotlinked images we can include images that would not be permissible according to our image use policy, in particular because of license restrictions. Do not embed an external image that would be permissible to upload here.
  2. Some shared external image repositories use the same wiki software as we. We can embed these images without any template just as if they were part of this wiki, even if they aren't.

The images are external material and not part of our wiki, which is why our Image use policy does not apply to them and a separate policy, as below, is required.

No pornographyEdit

Pornographic images are not permitted to be embedded on any Spanking Art Wiki page or article.

Licenses and copyright mattersEdit

We do not impose any license requirements on external images because they are not part of our wiki. This means any license, including full copyright protection, is possible to use. To show to our readers the license status, please use a parameter as described in the template. If you do not provide any license, the default is "copyrighted".

As the material is external, copyright infringements should be dealt with by the respective site's host. The Spanking Art Wiki is not responsible for the contents of other sites and we can not know whether an external site uses copyrighted material with or without permission from the copyright owner.

Personality rightsEdit

The context in which such an image is used must be such that any person depicted in it is not likely to find that their personality rights are violated.


Photographs that show a minor (a real person under the age of 18) are not permitted to be embedded on any Spanking Art Wiki page or article. This includes stills from movies, photos that were published commercially, and photos that are under a free license or in the public domain.

Cartoons and other drawn or computer rendered images that show minors are permitted.

Templates must be usedEdit

While it is technically possible for white-listed sites to be hotlinked without the use of a template, we do not permit this. Sites that allow hotlinking have rules and requirements that must be followed in doing so. Our templates are designed to comply with these rules, which is why we require you to use the template in doing so.

Current templatesEdit

Shared repositoriesEdit

Example of a shared repository image from Uncyclomedia Commons.

Images from a shared repository can be used without a special template. They can be embedded in wiki pages just like local images. There is no way to display license details below the image, but a click on the image will display a page with the details of the file description page from shared repository. If a local image exists with the same name as an image from the shared repository, the local image will take precedence. Apart from that, the above rules for embedding externally hosted images apply.

Currently, our shared repositories are the following:

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