Spanking Art:Point of view

The point of view (abbreviated POV) of a text includes the assumptions and biases that are included in the text, often implicitly and unconsiously, by the author of the text.

In the articles of the Spanking Art wiki, as at Wikipedia, our goal is to have a neutral point of view (abbreviated NPOV). This means that the narrative text of the article itself should not assume any particular point of view, and should not state assumptions as facts, and should attempt, insofar as possible, to be unbiased. Established facts should be stated as such, preferably with a citation. Opinions should be those of identified sources, not those of this wiki, nor of the authors of the individual articles, nor those of vague and unidentified "many people" or "some people". Ideally, opinions should be clearly identified as such, and when there are several clearly identifiable opinions or points of view on a subject, all should be given, with properly identified sources. (Note that more commonly held opinions can properly be given greater weight or expressed at greater length than fringe opinions, but this should not be done in a way that assumes or implies the falsity of fringe opinions.)

This ideal will not be reached at once in all articles, but it is the goal, and corrections towards better achieving it are always appropriate.

"Advertising speak" is an example of a non-neutral point of view and therefore is not welcome in this wiki. You are encouraged to add an article about any commercial or non-commercial spanking or spanking art related website, blog, forum, group, mailing list, magazine, book, etc. - just remember what you're writing should be factual, not in advertisement style.

How to fix issuesEdit

When you encounter an article that has a NPOV issue, please correct it yourself, if you can. If you are unsure, you can use the article's discussion page to discuss the issue. If you find a NPOV issue but are unable to correct it yourself, add the following template to the page: {{NPOV}}. This will put the article into a maintenance category where, hopefully, others will eventually take care of the issue.

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