Spanking Central

Spanking Central is a) a U.S. spanking magazine, b) a spanking website, c) a spanking blog. All three are unrelated, except for the same name.

The Spanking Central magazineEdit

The magazine was published in New York since 1988. It was mainly F/M and M/F. Their website moved to a new URL in 1998. The magazine seems to be no longer in print.

The Spanking Central websiteEdit

The website was launched in 2002 and is dedicated to M/M spanking. It has useful information e.g. on spanking furniture such as spanking benches, birching blocks, caning trestles or St. Andrews crosses. It is a mixed free/pay site. The membership area, "SC Premium", contains full-length videos, extended photo galleries and behind-the-scenes bonus videos.

The Spanking Central blogEdit

The blog was started in 2007 by a blogger named Tim. It is F/F and M/F.