Spanking in mainstream films

Mabel's Dramatic Career (1913).

Hundreds of mainstream movies and television series contain spanking scenes. These range from child spanking scenes in a domestic or school corporal punishment situation to adult spanking scenes with disciplinary, humorous and/or erotic connotations. This listing includes all known feature films and made-for-television movies. An index of episodic television shows with spanking scenes is archived at Spanking on television. For spanking in animated cartoons and anime, see Spanking in cartoons and Spanking in anime.

Spanking art fans all over the world have begun to compile lists of movies that feature spanking scenes, and share these lists in web groups, forums and on websites. Clips and stills of such scenes are also often shared.

For a better understanding of the evolution and historical context of these movies, see the pages on The History of spanking in film and Sexploitation film.

For non-mainstream films, the pornography section contains a list of X-rated movies with spanking scenes. For fetish films created particularly for a clientele that likes to watch erotic spankings, see spanking videos and spanking videos on the Internet.

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Early cinemaEdit

Stills from Slippery Silks (1927).



The Thin Man Goes Home

The Halfway House (1944).


The Fabulous Senorita (1952).


John Wayne giving Maureen O'Hara a hard paddling in McLintock! (1963).
The "other" spanking scene from McLintock! with Stefanie Powers.


Comedic Femdom BDSM scene from High Anxiety (1978).



Sean Young in Love Crimes (1992)



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