Spanking meme

A spanking meme can refer to any meme that is related to spanking, for example:

  • the meme of spanking as a form of punishment
  • the meme of birthday spanking
  • the meme of looking up the word "spanking" in a dictionary.

However most people nowadays seem to use the term "spanking meme", strictly speaking incorrectly, to refer to a spanking related image macro. Perhaps the creators of image macros hope that their image macro will be shared so much that it will become a meme with time, or perhaps they mistakenly think that the word meme means image macros (which it doesn't).

Spanking image macrosEdit

Example of a spanking image macro ("spanking meme").

An image macro is a digital image superimposed with text. It can aim for a humorous or thought-provoking effect. The text is typically lettered in a white Impact font bordered with a thin black outline.

It is easy to create such images with overlaid text in any image editor, but it is even easier with special websites that call themselves "meme generators". Some generators/platforms, for example "someecards", specialize in using vintage artwork (drawings and cliparts). Such images are in the public domain and give the resulting e-cards/image macros a typical vintage style. Image macros are often shared via social media, image boards or image sharing sites such as Tumblr.

A spanking-related image macro can either use spanking in the image (e.g. a spanking photograph or spanking drawing), or a text that refers to spanking, or both.


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