Spanking noise

The slapping noise made by spanking (as well as the noise made by the spankee), can often be an issue when spanking in places where there are other people (such as next-door neighbors) nearby.

In such cases, spanking implements that have a great stinging effect while making little noise, such as a cane, may be preferred to those which make a louder sound. Hand-spanking, unfortunately, is probably the loudest of all spanking techniques.

List of common implements, by noise level:

Very loud



Of course, this is relative to the amount of force used. A single-tail whip, for example, is probably the loudest implement of all, with a crack that sounds like a pistol shot. A hard caning can also be extremely loud.

Spanking the underwear-clad bottom is acoustically more damped than a bare bottom spanking.

To quieten down a noisy spankee, having them bite down on a piece of fabric, such as a pillow, blanket, cushion, towel, etc. may be helpful. This is generally safer than using a gag which can cause problems such as obstructing breathing if the spankee's nose becomes blocked. A gag also prevents verbal communication (e.g. using a safeword).

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