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He also created the Kane International Videos division and went on to direct (and sometimes also perform in) a number of corporal punishment videos in the '80s and '90s.
The [[spanking video producer]] [[Top Marks]] (listed on Clips4sale as Kane's Top Marks) appears to be affiliated with ''Kane'' magazine and was most likely created by Marks himself. He appears in the two-part ''Spanker's Paradise'' (1992). His wife, Josie Harrison-Marks, plays a headmistress in the Top Marks/[[Moonglow]] co-production, ''The Housemaster's Duty''.
Selected list of videos:
*Maidens in Uniform (1992)
*Spanking Academy of Dr Blunt (1992)
*Spanker's Paradise (1992), Harrison Marks, distributed in the U.S. by [[Bizarre Video]]
*Spanker's Paradise 2, aka The Rules of The Game (1992), with Marks and English porn star [[Vida Garman]]
*Stinging Tails (1992)
*Just Desserts (1991)