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'''London Life Magazine''' is a [[British]] [[spanking magazine]] that ran to seven monthly issues in 1977. Each issue comprised 68 pages, 10 of them in colour. It was published by London Life Magazines of 121A, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, [[London]]. The original price of £1.25 rose to £1.50.
The magazine took its name from a popular British lifestyle and entertainment magazine that appeared from 1920 to 1960. Though ostensibly a mainstream publication, this original ''London Life'' had become notorious for printing readers’ letters relating to sexual fetishes. Yet another periodical with the same title had simply been a listings magazine (1965-67) for events in the city.
''London Life Magazine'', subtitled ''An illustrated journal for adults'', was devised as a sister publication to [[Martinet (magazine)|Martinet]]. It claimed to offer a unique mixture of spanking and titillation, but this merely meant that a few of its erotic short stories did not actually involve any spanking. Most of the content, however, resembled that of its established competitor [[Janus]]. There were photographs of [[M/F]] and [[F/F]] spankings, short stories, interviews, and inauthentic-sounding readers’ letters addressed to the magazine’s secretary, ‘Patty with the pat-able bottom’. The last four issues included a cartoon strip by Paul entitled ‘Stella’.
The editor of ''London Life Magazine'' was named only as Tony. Other contributors were listed as Lloyd Roland, Alun Jones, Peter Briggs, Joan Swift, Peter Goode, and Michael Phillips.
==London Life Books==
London Life MagazinesMagazine also published a series of illustrated paperback [[spanking novelsnovel]]s in 1976-77, originally priced at £2 each. Their authorship was anonymous. Titles include:
*''Bend over Bunty''