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== Spanking videos ==
The first video produced by Blushes was* ''Half Turn Punishments'' (c. 1982-86), directed by [[Alan Bell]], is the first video produced by Blushes. This proved to be a popular title and was followed by: ''Sally's First Lesson'' with Bell playing the strict schoolmaster. ''Detention Room'' (c. 1986) was written and directed by Bell who also stars along with John Hotten. This was filmed in New Beckenham, Kent. (Later titles from Blushes have not, at yet, been identified and cataloged.)
* ''Sally's First Lesson'' with Alan Bell playing the strict schoolmaster.
* ''Detention Room'' (c. 1986), written, directed by and starring Alan Bell along with John Hotten. (Filmed in New Beckenham, Kent.)
* ''Big Girls Do Cry'' is a highly regarded title (and a personal favorite of [[spanking actress]] [[Niki Flynn]]). It was released in the U.S. by [[spanking video producer]] [[California Star]].
Later titles from Blushes have yet to be identified and cataloged.
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