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The term '''domestic discipline''' (abbreviated '''DD''') is usually used to describe an agreement in adult relationships where one or both partners recognize a need for [[discipline]] and explicitly want the other partner to [[punishment|punish]] them for [[wrongdoing]]s. The punishment methods used in domestic discipline correspond to those traditionally used by strict [[parent]]s such as [[disciplinary spanking]], [[corner time]] and other punitive, [[pain]]ful and/or [[humiliation|humiliating]] consequences. Domestic discipline is [[consensual]] and therefore conceptionally does not constitute [[domestic violence]]; though might not be legally recognized in all jurisdiction as such.
{{quote box|Such punishment should not be any form of any sensation the bottom enjoys erotically - asking you to eroticize a moderate caning today, but accept a strong caning as an aversive stimulus tomorrow, is bad psychology and bad topping|Easton & Lizst, ''[[The Bottoming Book]]''}}