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The guidelines below shall help us resolve such conflicts in a fair, unbiased and neutral way.
== Guidelines for writing ==
The following guidelines apply to the writing of new content.
* If you do not have good reason to believe an information to be true, don't write it.
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* If biographical information has already been published in a trustworthy source (such as a [[book]] or [[newspaper]]), and if you feel it will help the encyclopedic goal of this wiki, you can usually write it. Please put it in your own words, unless you're quoting, and specify the source where known.
* If you can not find any such source, it is a case of ''original research''. If possible, seek permission from the person before disclosing any biographical information. In the case of a recently deceased person, try to contact the person's family. Be aware that such information will be subject to deletion if requested (see below).
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* Material that may adversely affect a person's reputation should be treated with special care.
* For people who are notable for an entry in this wiki but who are not generally well known, exercise restraint and include only material relevant to their notability.
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* For people whose notoriety is based around a single event (e.g. they have once made it into the news by spanking or being spanked), articles should not be created unless they have actively sought notoriety for this event.
Best Regards,
William Roy
== Guidelines for deletion ==