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==Glamour photography==
Born into a lower-middle-class Jewish family in Tottenham, north London, George Harrison Marks aspired from an early age to a career in show business. He went on the variety stage in the late 1940s as half of a comedy duo called Harrison and Stuart, but the act did not prosper. Then he turned to theatrical photography, taking publicity shots of entertainers and showgirls. One of the latter, Pamela Green, who became his model and lover, perceived that more money was to be made out of nude photography. They went into partnership producing airbrushed photo-sets of statuesque naked women and later published a successful ‘girlie’ magazine entitled "''Kamera"'' (1957-68).
==Early film loops==
Marks soon began making non-pornographic nude [[stag reel]]s for the home-movie market under the names Kamera Productions and Kamera Cine Films. Between 1960 and 1968 he created around 140 silent 8mm film loops (ranging from 50 to 200 feet in length). These showed busty women performing striptease or appearing in whimsical situations that for some reason required them to shed their clothing.