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**Miss Dupont, a French teacher, slippers Cindy Turner; the headmaster (David Charles) punishes Johnson ([[Rebeckah Jordan]]).
*''French Lessons'' (2001) 32 mins.
**Miss Mountshaft is appalled to find two French students, Sophie and Lucille (Chloe Martin), in possession of a spanking video ([http://onlyspanking.org/45106-french-lessons-full-movie-spanking-for-pleasure-sd-mp4.html photos]).
* ''Interview With Sophie Fennington'' (62 min.)
** [[Sophie Fennington]], [http://onlyspanking.org/45105-interview-with-sophie-fennington-spanking-for-pleasure-sd-mp4.html photos], [http://www.spreview.net/archive/reviews/sophiefenningtoninterview.html review]
*''Lesson for Lisa'' (2002) 26 mins.
**Uncle Frank (Christian Fennington) spanks and canes Lisa.