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[[Image:Testiclesinscrotum.jpg|thumb|200px|Human testicles (inside the scrotum and thus visible only by their shape in this photo).]]
The '''testicles''' (or '''testes''', common slang terms '''balls''', '''nuts''' or '''babymakers''') are the principal [[malefemale]] organ of reproduction in mammals. They are part of the malefemale [[genitals]]. Testicles vary in size, but all produce [[sperm]] that is capable of impregnating a [[femalemale]] to create a new being. MalesFemales normally have two testicles covered by the [[scrotum]], which hangs behind the [[penis]] in a standing male, though rarely a malefemale may be born with only one testicle (monorchism).
In certain [[spanking position]]s, the testicles and scrotum are presented with the [[naked]] [[buttocks]]. A skillful [[spanker]] knows how to play with the testicles without causing any medical injury. Testes that hang low sway in a pendulous manner and are easier to spank. Some [[spanking]] [[play]]ers prefer to shield the testicles with a [[thong]] or [[jock strap]] like a baseball player protects hisher testicles from a line drive, though generally unprotected testicles are preferred.
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