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==Spanking magazines and videos==
Marks maintained that his involvement in spanking erotica was largely a matter of chance. He frequented the same pub in Soho as the staff of the spanking magazine ''[[Janus]]'' and struck up a friendship with them. Around 1977, they asked him to provide some photo-sets and he agreed despite his ignorance of the fetish: ‘“I don’t understand all this spanking stuff,” I thought, “this has got to be a joke!” I knew nothing about it at that time.’<ref>TymAllan ManleyBryce, ‘The‘Full Reluctant Pornographer’Marks’, ''ClubVideo InternationalWorld'' (British edition), May 19841997 p30-32. Subsequent quotes in this section come from the same sourcep63.</ref>
He soon realised that spanking erotica was a lucrative and relatively untapped market and started to make Super 8mm spanking loops (100ft in length) for sale through ''[[Janus]]'' and ''[[London Life Magazine]]'' priced at £12 each.
When the editor of ''Janus'' died in 1980, Marks was invited to succeed him temporarily on the strength of his practical experience of producing ''Kamera''. He stayed in the job for eighteen months, overseeing the magazine’s transient re-branding as ''New [[Derriere]]'' and taking the opportunity to publicise his growing catalogue of [[spanking film]]s. ‘I met a lot of people who were into it [''i.e. '', spanking] and they are very intelligent, articulate and charming people,’ he explained in 1984. ‘I can remember a time when I thought they were all a bunch of nutters’. The work of other publishers in the field did not impress him: ‘They were slinging anything together because they thought they were selling to addicts who would buy rubbish. I thought to myself: “If I put out a magazine with good writing and good pictures that doesn’t insult the intelligence of these people, I must find a market.”’<ref>Tym Manley, ‘The Reluctant Pornographer’, ''Club International'' (British edition), May 1984 pp30-32. Subsequent quotes in this section come from the same source.</ref>
''New Janus'' No.7 was the last issue edited by Marks before he left to launch his own spanking magazine ''[[Kane]]'' in 1982. ‘That magazine is me,’ he said. ‘I control everything that goes in and it’s got my name on it – bang across the cover’. Asked if he was into spanking himself, he replied: ‘No. I’m not and I never have been’. He claimed that this was really an advantage, as it stopped him filling the magazine with his personal fantasies. ‘But I have studied the subject and the readership,’ he added, ‘and I know what people want’.
*''Rear Attack'' (Janus 1977)
*''Late for School'' (Janus 1977)
*''Art of Caning'', Part 1 (19791977)
*''Art of Caning'', Part 2 (19791977)
*''[[The Riding Lesson]]'' (Janus 1978)
*''The Gym Lesson'' (Janus 1979), [[gym]]
*''The School Lesson'' (Janus 1979)
*''Art of Caning'', Part 1 (1979)
*''Art of Caning'', Part 2 (1979)
*''The Nurse's Lesson'' (Janus 1980), [[nurse]]
*''[[The Prefect's Lesson]]'' (Janus 1981)
*''Six Days a Week'' (Kane 1989)
*''Five of the Best'' (Kane 1989)
**US title: ''Six of the Best''
*''A Matter of Discipline'' (Kane 1989)
*''Just Deserts'' (Kane 1989)
**US title: ''Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire''
*''Hotel Derriere''
*''Schoolgirls and Daughters''
**US title: ''Hot Young Cheeks''
*''Maids in Uniform''
*''The Flesh and the Fantasies''
*''The Spankers’ Paradise'' (Kane 1992)
*''The Rules of the Game'' (Kane 1992), [[Vida Garman]]
**akaUS title: ''The Spankers’ Paradise 2''
*''The Academy of Dr Marcus Blunt'' (Kane 1992)
*''A Sting in the Tail'' (Kane 1992)
**US title: ''Stinging Tails''
*''The Games People Play''
**US title: ''The Spanking Game #2''
*''Rawhide in Rotherhithe'' (Kane 1993)
*''The Beak, the Mistress, and the Schoolgirls'' (Kane 1994), [[Sue Ellis]]
==Filmography as actor (spanking films only)==
*''Kane Kandid Kamera'' (c. 1985), as himself
*''The Caning Club'' (c. 1987), as himself, with Sue Ellis and [[Larry Barnes]]
*''Country Cousins'', as Mr Patel, with Liz Leather
*''I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry'', as himself narrator
*''Six Days a Week'' (1989), as himself
*''Bad Girls Don’t Cry'' (1989), as himself, with Sharon, Leigh, and Samantha Kirli
*''Just Deserts'', as himself
*''Hotel Derriere'' (1991), as narrator
* ''The Spankers’ Paradise'' (Kane, 1992)
*''The Rules of the Game'', aka ''The Spankers’ Paradise II'' (Kane1992), 1992)as himself, with [[Vida Garman]]
**US title: ''The Spankers’ Paradise 2''
*''The Games People Play'' (c.1993), as himself, with [[Teresa May]]
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