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**US title: ''Mandy Bates''
*''Girls in Trouble'' (Kane), as Sue Ellis, with Kathleen Astley
*''The Caning Club'' (Kane, c. 1987), as Sue Ellis, with [[Larry Barnes]]
*''Six Days a Week'' (Kane, 1989), as Sue Ellis, with Toni, Tim, & Eric Muldoon
*''Derrière Dynamite'' (Kane Live Event, 1991), as school matron, with [[Larry Barnes]]
*''Hot Cross Bum!'' (Kane Live Event), as schoolgirl, with Julie Webster & Gillian Taylor
*''Slap, Crackle & Hop'' (Kane Live Event)
*''The Beak, the Mistress, and the Schoolgirls'' (Kane, 1994), as Miss Barrington-Clitte, with Brandi, [[Sam Johnson]], and Tim
**US title: ''Naughty Schoolgirls’ Revenge''
*''Hot Cross Bum!'' (Kane Live Event, c. 1995), as schoolgirl, with Julie Webster & [[Gillian Taylor]]
*''Uncle Silas’ Bequest'' (Kane, 1997), as Miss Nott, with Lorraine Ansell & Kelly Hearn
*''George’s Gullible Girls'' (Kane, 1998), as Marianne, with Kelly Hearn & Lorraine Ansell
**US title: ''Whipped to Perfection''
*''A Spanking in the Spring'' (Kane Live Event, 1999), with [[Lesley Saye]]
*''Six Sore Sit-upons'' (Kane Live Event, 1999), with Lesley Saye, Brandi, & Zoe Rose
*''Sister Act (Part 2) with Mummy'' (Red Stripe, 2000), as Margaret
*''A Whacking in a Winter Wonderland'' (Kane Live Event, 2000), as a maid, with [[Larry Barnes]]
*''Six Burning Bottoms'' (Kane Live Event, 2000), as Miss Williams, with [[Sam Johnson]], Sara Benachour, & [[Larry Barnes]]
*''A Live Caning Cabaret'' (Kane Live Event, 2000), as a nursing sister, with [[Sara Benachour]] & Brandi
*''Her Mother’s To Blame'' (Strictly English), as Mrs Nina Thompson
**Released as three clips in ''The Strictly English Spanking Channel'', Vols.14-16.
*''Bare Bottomed, Caned & Shamed'' (Kane Live Event, 2001), as a maid, with Noel
*''Spanked in Front of a Live Audience'' (Kane Live Event, 2001), as a schoolgirl, with [[Sarah Harvey Lewis]] & Jay