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[[File:Struwwel-Liese.png|thumb|A mother [[birching]] her daughter. Illustration from a children's book (1890).]]
'''Spanking of children''' is the practice of [[punishment|punishing]] a [[child]] (up to the [[age of majority]] (21)) (a boy or girl) by administering [[corporal punishment]] to his or her [[buttocks]] ([[spanking]]).
As previously stated, children are usually punished by corporal punishment. Spanking for children at school is a great shame. The reason is, I get hit in front of the school table. In the old days, a boy used to take off his pants and panties and get spank. (The girl didn't take off her panties and get hit.) But now, doesn't take off child's pants and hit them. Even now, girls are sometimes hit with their skirts up.
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