Difference between revisions of "Amelia Jane Rutherford"

*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 4: Her Fantasies'' (E49) 68 mins.
**Part 1: Amelia is interviewed about her spanking fantasies; Part 2: Wilf and Alan punish their troublesome colleague in the concluding part of ''Her New Position''.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 5: Amelia Jane and the Police Inspector'' (E53) 80 mins. ([https://onlyspanking.org/49473-amelia-jane-rutherford-vol-5-strictlyenglishonline-sd-mp4.html photos])
**Amelia wastes police time in order to attract the attention of Inspector Travis.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 6: Student Teacher'' (E58) 72 mins.