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*''Full Metal Jacket'' (1987), military drama shows Marines using a beating implement made with a bar of soap inside a sock. The 1967 [[sexploitation film]] ''Cool it, Baby'' also has soap wrapped in cloth used to spank a [[captive]] girl forced into prostitution.
* The Messer Chups: "[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q8Zvc0t2M4 Shandor Diabolikov]" - music video with girl in bikini playfully spanked OTK with drum sticks.
*''My Name Is Earl'' (4:6: "Little Bad Voodoo Brother", 2008), an episode of this NBC comedy series shows pervertible tennis items. A character with a tennis fetish is seen wrapped in a net with his wrists bound and a tennis ball in his mouth. A man and a woman dressed in tennis whites take turns whacking him with their racquets.