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**Dr Stenson punishes Nurse Vorderman for indecency with a patient, also schoolgirl Jenkins (Andrea Spinks) for dishonestly seeking a sick note.
*''New Uniform Discipline 2'' 53 mins.
**In Part 1, accused of sexual misconduct, Royal Air Force Corporal Elizabeth Barton-Jones (Clara Hewitt) is ordered by a superior officer (Christian Fennington) to attend a disciplinary session with Miss Handley ([[Suzi Jarman]]); in Part 2, Rebecca Hamilton ([[Rachel Lloyd]]) is caned by Mr Masterson (David Charles) for insubordination at Grangethorpe Finishing School ([http://onlyspanking.org/45083-new-uniform-discipline-2-spanking-for-pleasure-hd-mp4.html photos]).
**Part 1 includes a five-minute extract from an earlier Tallion film, ''Canings and Cold Showers'', showing Flight Officer Fennington ([[Sophie Fennington]]) undergoing punishment.
**Part 2 is sometimes sold separately as ''New Uniform Discipline 3'' ([http://onlyspanking.org/45084-new-uniform-discipline-3-spanking-for-pleasure-hd-mp4.html photos]).