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'''Paradox''' was a [[United Kingdom|British]] [[spanking video producer]] that released over twenty films between 1998 and 2002. Its titles were distributed by [[Spanking for Pleasure]], a firm that also distributed and incorporated videos by Tallion. Paradox often cast actors featured in photo-fantasies published in ''[[Janus]]'' magazine. It explicitly marketed its products as ‘British Spanking’, incorporating the national flag into the design of its box covers and DVDs.
Paradox films depict the spanking, tawsing and caning of young women ([[schoolgirl]]s, typically[[nurse]]s, by[[maid]]s, menetc.), butprimarily by othermen. women in about aAbout one-third of instances.their videos Manyfeature offemale thedisciplinarians. spankeesNone areof dressedthese astitles schoolgirls,contain nurses, or maids. Overtovert sexual content is always absent. The Intone other respects,of the stories differranges in mood to a marked degree. At one end of the range,from ''The Correctional Therapist'' and ''Offender Correction'' focus(with onstern institutional punishments), coldlyto deliveredhumor byand sterngenre youngparody women.such Three films inas the ''Finishing School Discipline'' series, by contrast, are humorous in tone and parody some traditions of the genre.
For Paradox, Christian Fennington (husband of actress [[Sophie Fennington]]) played a number of comically caricatured spankers, such as Basil Sterling, the smug pipe-smoking headmaster. ‘I’m not one for the old clichés,’ he declares, ‘but they do say crime doesn’t pay. Offenders get punished. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, isn’t it, Watson?’(''Finishing School Discipline 2'').
Unusually, English-speaking French actresses takemake a rare rolesappearance in ''Finishing School Discipline 4'' and ''French Lessons'', both filmed in the elaborate Georgian house often hired by ''Janus'' as a set.
==List of released movies==