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[[Judicial corporal punishment|Judicial caning]] on the [[bare buttocks]] is available to the [[court]]s as a penalty for male [[juvenile]]s aged under 18 for various offences. The court stipulates who is to deliver the caning. It may be "an experienced designated member of the police force", or the youth may be sent to a prison or reformatory to receive his punishment.<ref>[http://www.corpun.com/rules3.htm#zimbabwe Zimbabwe: Judicial CP] at World Corporal Punishment Research.</ref>
=== Spanking videos ===
''Under Rhodesian Law'' ([[Nu-West/Leda Productions]], 1983); two British tourists get prison strappings and spankings for drug possession ([http://spankingsubmission.blogspot.com/2018/10/ photos & description], [https://areabdsm.org/nuwest-spanking/nuwest-nwv-077-under-rhodesian-law/ more photos]). This was originally a two-part series prior to part 1 being discontinued.