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== Spanking in Vietnam ==
=== Domestic corporal punishment ===
Vietnamese parents still using [[spanking]], [[caning]] or [[whipping]] as punishment for [[naughty]] [[juveniles]]. Familiar offenses which resulted corporal punishments are [[swearing]], [[truancy]], [[bad grade]] or [[bullying],... [[Boys]] are more likely to be caned than [[girls]]. A rattan cane, bamboo cane or cloth hanger is often used to punish their [bare buttocks]].
=== Judicial corporal punishment ===
Old photographs like [http://www.corpun.com/jcppix.htm#13372 this] and [http://www.corpun.com/jcppix.htm#17348 this], both at [[World Corporal Punishment Research]], suggest that [[judicial corporal punishment]] was ordered by the local courts during the French colonial period. The offender was laid flat on the ground, his limbs pinned down by others, and was beaten on the buttocks. This practice was similar to that used in ancient China. ItIn hasmodern now ceaseddays, evencorporal thoughpunishments itare carried on young boys (under 16) only. The [[cane]] is unclearused whethermostly theon governmentbare bannedbuttocks itof oryoung notboys. Maximum strokes for judicial corporal punishment are 24. The punishment is very harsh, often create [[bruised]], [[bleeding]] on their buttocks. Offenses that often resulted caning are [[vandalism]], [[stealing]], [[insolent]] and escaping detentions.
=== School corporal punishment ===
Formal [[school corporal punishment]], however, still exists in Vietnam today, and is applied to both [[schoolboy]]s and [[schoolgirl]]s. Even though Vietnam was colonized by the French, these punishments appear to resemble [[UK|British]]-style [[caning]]s, as a thin [[rattan]] [[cane]] is used, or in other cases, a type of [[paddle]] or long [[ruler]]. The student either adopts a [[standing position]] or [[lying position|lies flat]] on a desk or bench, and receives the strokes on his or her bottom[[bare over clothing.bottoms]] The beating is sometimes given on the hand ([[hand caning]]). TheseSerious punishmentsnaughty dostudents notare seemsent to be[[reformatory]] as(Nhà harshtrừng asgiới), thosewhere inharsher otherdisciplines countriesare likeused and students recieve harsher [[Singaporecorporal punishments]] andlike caning, birching, switching, flogging,... on their [[Southbare Koreabottoms]], andin atprivate times,or mayin appearfront toof beclass moredue comicalto thantheir seriousoffenses.
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